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What the heck is Occupational Ed?

Email of the Day: I am a current homeschooling mother researching Washington Laws in preparation for relocating my family to Spokane. I read your law information and I am wondering about the 11 required subjects. I am assuming it is a matter of state terminology, but what is meant by “occupational education?” I have a

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Email of the Day: Are you required to be a member of a co-op? Sometimes during the year we travel. What are the membership dues monthly or yearly? What curriculum do you guys recommended? Answer(s): No, you’re not required to join a co-op. (Actually, WA law defines homeschooling as being provided “by a parent, educating

Homeschooling Highschool with College classes

We are thinking of pulling our daughter out of private school after this hear, her junior year, so that she can do college in the high school classes online from ABC University (her intended college) for her senior year of high school. Is it true that the only thing we have to do is the