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Declaration of Intent

Declaration of Intent These things must be included on your Declaration of Intent to Homeschool: 1) Child(ren)’s name(s) 2) Child(ren)’s age(s) 3) Your address (so the superintendent knows that you’re submitting to the right district, or that you’ve choiced in). 4) A checked box, if you’ve hired a teacher for oversight The law does not

BECCA Petition

Email of the Day: (Written on behalf of a family threatened with a BECCA petition for not submitting a DofI when they withdrew their 6yo kidlet from school to homeschool). Email: I am writing on behalf of Family who recently withdrew their Kidlet from Elementary School. It is a common misconception that a child under

Just turned 8

Email of the Day: my son turned 8 in december. do i need to test this year? i haven’t submitted any forms since i am under the understanding that i wouldn’t need to do that until the start of school sept 2016. thanks for your help. Answer: The Declaration of Intent does two things: it

Declaration of Intent for <8yos?

Email of the Day: After pulling kids from PPP this year, I was told I need to file a declaration of intent since they will not be going the 1 day program they have been attending since September. Since they’re not 8 as yet, is this necessary? Answer: It is not. This is a common

Relocating from Out of Country

Email of the Day: We are relocating from Ontario, Canada to the Seattle area for a job my husband was recruited for. We are looking at coming mid January area. Currently my children are in a very small school here in Ontario. I am thinking of home schooling when we move. We do not know