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Homeschooling vs. Public-school-at-home

Email Exchange of the Day: Ok so I’m confused. How is a K12 program public school, but you do it at home? Is there different requirements of a public school “at home” rather than homeschool? I’m not too familiar with the K12 and my phone is being lame and can’t look it up right now

Getting Started Homeschooling

Getting Started Homeschooling The first thing to understand is that compulsory attendance in WA is from ages 8-18. Children under the age of 8 are not required to attend school, including homeschool. Therefore, none of the HBI (home-based instruction, the legal name for homeschooling) laws apply to children under the age of 8. Those children

PPPs vs. Homeschooling

Email of the Day: I feel sometimes those who choose a route like this- 2 days of school – choosing only classes and curriculums we approve of as parents- are viewed by some, not all, as having a lesser status as someone who hand picked the curriculum but their child goes to a co-op once

Homeschooling vs. Public School At Home

  Email of the Day: Hi. I am just starting to research about the possibility of homeschooling my son (currently in 5th grade at a private school) next year to provide an ‘interim’ year BEFORE enrolling him in a public middle school as a 6th grader the following year. He does not need to be