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Homeschooling in a group, away from home

Email of the Day: Hi, my husband and I are wanting to have our daughter homeschooled, but not have him or I do teach her. We would like to have her go to a group away from home. Is there anything like that in the East Bremerton area? We are new to homeschooling and aren’t

On (not) Keeping Up With the Joneses

The poor Joneses – they get such a bad rap.   They really shouldn’t – they’re a great family. They’ve got it all together. Mom’s hair is always brushed, and I think she’s got make up on. All the children are wearing socks, and all the socks match. They have a neat and tidy homeschool

Homeschool ID

Email of the Day: So were running into places that can give us a discount if we show a “Student ID Card.” Should I just whip one up? And if so, can I use some WA St. logos? What can you tell me about acquiring, or creating, some sort of Homeschool Student ID Card. Answer:

Parenting Advice: Don’t Kill Them.

In case you were needing mimosas or Bloody Marys this morning, instead of raising your mug of coffee. (NOTE: very coarse language in this link — not for the faint of heart. Of course, if you were the faint of heart, you wouldn’t be wondering if it were too early for wine this morning, right?)