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Part Time Attendance and Testing

Email of the Day: My 8th grade daughter is a part-time homeschool student this year. I am teaching Language Arts, Social Studies, and PE at home. She attends her neighborhood public school for math, science, foreign language, and electives. I cannot find any concrete information concerning how we must meet the Annual Testing requirement, given

AP Testing and Ancillary Services

Email of the Day: Having completed the AP coursework as homeschoolers, my student is not looking to sit the AP exams, but our local school has turned us away, saying they don’t all “outside” students in. Aren’t we part of the school district? Can they do this? Answer: Short answer: yes (you are part of

Can homeschoolers everywhere take classes at the local school?

Email of the Day: Can homeschoolers everywhere take classes at the local school, or is that just a WA thing? Answer: WA is one of a small handful of states that guarantees part time attendance and/or ancillary services to homeschoolers and private schoolers at the same level they would get as full time students in

Homeschooling just PE

Email of the Day: I would like to homeschool my 8th grader for PE, just this semester. I was in touch with CVSD about homeschooling my daughter for PE but they weren’t sure how I would go about that. They said I need to find an online program and then provide CVSD the information. I

Special Ed and Ancillary Services

Email of the Day: Hello, I wonder if anybody in your page have problems dealing with their school district regarding special education. My child is due for “child find screening”. It is my intention to homeschool him after this year or two. Will there be any hassles/headaches once I decide to stop bringing him to