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Just turned 8

Email of the Day: my son turned 8 in december. do i need to test this year? i haven’t submitted any forms since i am under the understanding that i wouldn’t need to do that until the start of school sept 2016. thanks for your help. Answer: The Declaration of Intent does two things: it


Email of the Day: I have been a certified home based educator in the past, yet haven’t home schooled in 6 years. We have decided to jump back in. A friend of mine is also looking to home school and she is new to everything. She is looking for options on how to get started


Sometimes I get this as the Email of the Day . . . it starts off different ways: “Hi, we’re contemplating a move to WA, and I’m freaking out because we live in ZZ state, which has essentially no homeschool regulations, and WA is full of them.” OR “My spousal unit is getting a job

Getting Started Homeschooling

Getting Started Homeschooling The first thing to understand is that compulsory attendance in WA is from ages 8-18. Children under the age of 8 are not required to attend school, including homeschool. Therefore, none of the HBI (home-based instruction, the legal name for homeschooling) laws apply to children under the age of 8. Those children

Dear Superintendent (Proof of Qualification)

Email of the Day (from Jen GS — a follow-on to the previous Email of the Day): Dear Superintendent, I was recently contacted by a mutual constituent of ours concerning Your School District’s current Declaration of Intent form, which is out of compliance with the law. The law allows schools to ask for the names