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Part Time Attendance and Testing

Email of the Day: My 8th grade daughter is a part-time homeschool student this year. I am teaching Language Arts, Social Studies, and PE at home. She attends her neighborhood public school for math, science, foreign language, and electives. I cannot find any concrete information concerning how we must meet the Annual Testing requirement, given

Graduation Requirements for Homeschoolers?

Email of the Day: Im trying to figure out where to find graduating requirements for highschool? Basically what classes she needs and how many credits per class. I believe its 26 credits to graduate? Answer: The reason you can’t find this information is that it doesn’t exist. Homeschoolers in WA are responsible for covering the

Running Start on the Transcript

Email of the Day: Have questions about high school transcript. My son is a running start student, and will be graduating soon. How do I go about listing his course classes for junior/senior year? Where on transcript do I indicate where courses were taken? Answer: Some people add the RS courses to their highschool transcript

Just turned 8

Email of the Day: my son turned 8 in december. do i need to test this year? i haven’t submitted any forms since i am under the understanding that i wouldn’t need to do that until the start of school sept 2016. thanks for your help. Answer: The Declaration of Intent does two things: it

Testing for part year student

Email of the Day: I am taking my son out of school next week. I have to test him in June if he has been in school until February 1st? I see on some peoples testing site they have two versions. Short and long. Does it matter which I choose? Answer: You need to do