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Graduation Requirements for Homeschoolers?

Email of the Day: Im trying to figure out where to find graduating requirements for highschool? Basically what classes she needs and how many credits per class. I believe its 26 credits to graduate? Answer: The reason you can’t find this information is that it doesn’t exist. Homeschoolers in WA are responsible for covering the

What the heck is Occupational Ed?

Email of the Day: I am a current homeschooling mother researching Washington Laws in preparation for relocating my family to Spokane. I read your law information and I am wondering about the 11 required subjects. I am assuming it is a matter of state terminology, but what is meant by “occupational education?” I have a

Supposedly Homeschooling

Email of the Day: My highschool aged year old step son is supposed to be homeschooled by his Mom. But when we asked him what classes he has, he says he doesn’t have any. It is a touchy subject with the Mom and we feel like our hands are tied. What do we do? What

Just turned 8

Email of the Day: my son turned 8 in december. do i need to test this year? i haven’t submitted any forms since i am under the understanding that i wouldn’t need to do that until the start of school sept 2016. thanks for your help. Answer: The Declaration of Intent does two things: it