Category: Annual Testing and Assessment

Part Time Attendance and Testing

Email of the Day: My 8th grade daughter is a part-time homeschool student this year. I am teaching Language Arts, Social Studies, and PE at home. She attends her neighborhood public school for math, science, foreign language, and electives. I cannot find any concrete information concerning how we must meet the Annual Testing requirement, given

Testing is a Tool, not a Bar

Email of the Day: How would you know you are on track for testing each year? Answer (the back-and-forth has been edited out for brevity): You order the test (or assessment) sometime between 15 September and the following 14 September. Then you do it. Then you’re on track. I think maybe you’re asking something else.

Supposedly Homeschooling

Email of the Day: My highschool aged year old step son is supposed to be homeschooled by his Mom. But when we asked him what classes he has, he says he doesn’t have any. It is a touchy subject with the Mom and we feel like our hands are tied. What do we do? What

Just turned 8

Email of the Day: my son turned 8 in december. do i need to test this year? i haven’t submitted any forms since i am under the understanding that i wouldn’t need to do that until the start of school sept 2016. thanks for your help. Answer: The Declaration of Intent does two things: it

Testing for part year student

Email of the Day: I am taking my son out of school next week. I have to test him in June if he has been in school until February 1st? I see on some peoples testing site they have two versions. Short and long. Does it matter which I choose? Answer: You need to do