2017 Convention Speakers

Lee turquoise

Lee Binz

Lee Binz, The HomeScholar helps parents homeschool for high school and is a leading internet home school resource helping parents homeschool to college. She is an expert in how to craft a winning homeschool transcript. She has an award-winning Christian homeschool blog and one of the most popular homeschool newsletters available. Lee is a dynamic speaker at homeschooling conventions as well as homeschooling support groups. Check out her homeschool freebies on how to give homeschool credit in high school. You can find Lee online at HomeHighSchoolHelp.com and can email her at Lee@HomeHighSchoolHelp.com.


Mary Jo Tate

Mary Jo Tate, author of Flourish: Balance for Homeschool Moms, is blessed with four wonderful sons and has been educating them at home since 1997. She teaches homeschoolers, single moms, and work-at-home moms how to balance family life and home business and how to find peace in the space between the ideal and reality. She hosts the “Flourish at Home” radio show for the Ultimate Homeschool Radio Network. An international editor and book coach for over 25 years, she specializes in helping entrepreneurs, speakers, and other experts author a book . . . whether or not they can write. She is the author of How Do You Do It All? Proven Strategies for Balancing Family Life and Home Business in the Real World; Critical Companion to F. Scott Fitzgerald; andGet Started as a Freelance Editor. A lifelong bibliophile, Mary Jo loves to share her passion for reading and writing and has a heart to help, encourage, and inspire other homeschoolers.

Check out her website:  Flourish at Home



Resa Brown


Resa Steindel Brown

Gifted, inspirational speaker and teacher, avid homeschooler, and ardent child-led, Montessori and alternative educational advocate, Resa Steindel Brown passionately sounds the wake-up call to help children connect to their innate passions and brilliance. Then she shows us how.

Resa is an award-winning writer, educator and creator of The Call to Brilliance Series and co-founder of Passion Oriented Education™.She has received national recognition for her Amazon best-seller in parenting and education, ‘The Call to Brilliance,” Foreword Magazine’s Book of the Year nomination and Mom’s Choice Award winner.  Her work has been featured on ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post and The Chicago Tribune.  She is endorsed by Joseph Chilton Pearson, John Taylor Gatto, William Glasser M.D., Jack Canfield and many others.



Amy Beckstead Leonard

Due to my positive experience as a homeschooled child, I decided to home-educate my own children long before their birth. Today, I’m part of a never-quiet household of five children, ranging in ages from twelve to one. I love the challenges of homeschooling, which I face daily, as I adapt to the needs of individuals at all different levels while trying to remain in one piece. In 2003, I began a homeschool co-op, Families Homeschooling for Excellence, and I enjoy the companionship of other families on their own educational journeys. I have served as the Treasurer of WHO for the past several years. I continue to volunteer on the Board to help ensure that homeschoolers in Washington retain the opportunity to homeschool independently, and to help them value this privilege.


Ed Zaccaro

Ed Zaccaro is a teacher and a popular presenter at math and gifted education conferences around the country. He has taught students of all ages and abilities and has been an advocate for gifted education as a parent, teacher, and school board member. His students will testify to his ability to make math fun and challenging for them as well as his unique sense of humor, which comes through in his classes and workshops.

Ed has an undergraduate degree from Oberlin College, a Masters degree in Gifted Education from the University of Northern Iowa, and is the author of six math books for mathematically gifted children



Scott LaPierre

Scott LaPierre is the senior pastor of Woodland Christian Church, in Woodland, WA and the author of Marriage God’s Way: A Biblical Recipe for Healthy, Joyful, Christ-Centered Relationships. Pastor Scott and his wife, Katie, have been blessed with six children that they homeschool. Prior to pastoring Scott taught elementary school and served as an officer in the Army. Most of his time is spent with his home and church families. He also enjoys teaching God’s Word and speaking at conferences and retreats.



Tom Hoyle

Tom Hoyle

Tom Hoyle has a PhD in Christian Apologetics from California Graduate School of Theology, and is a full colonel in the United States Air Force Reserves.  Dr. Hoyle is the founder of the Bible and Science Ministries which is headquartered in Tacoma, WA, and has been actively involved in creation science missions for over 20 years.

He has spoken over 3400 times in almost 500 churches, schools, home schools, and conferences in 47 states and countries, and also broadcasts often via Christian radio and television.

Dr. Hoyle is committed to the absolute authority of God’s Word, and to the crucial truth of Biblical creation. Consequently, his ministry is endorsed by numerous pastors, teachers, scientists, and laymen.

KD Maynard

KD Maynard is the director of admission/college counseling at Oak Meadow. She has held roles in college admissions, college counseling and financial aid, academic advising, teacher training/curriculum development, and a variety of administrative/leadership positions at Brown University, World Learning, Marlboro College, The Putney School, Community College of Vermont, and University of Massachusetts Amherst. KD’s liberal arts background (AB from Brown and MALS from Dartmouth) provides her with a worldview that seeks to make connections between and among people, ideas, and a sense of a greater good. Her experience includes creating and supervising college-level first-year seminars that incorporated study skills and student success strategies. She loves living in southern Vermont, spending free time in nature, volunteering with the homeless, and spending time with her brand new grandchildren.


Beth Ellen Nash

Beth Ellen Nash has her Education degree from the University of Wisconsin—Madison and has 17 years experience working with struggling learners. She was the director and lead teacher for 8 years at Hope Academy, a private school in Madison, WI which specialized in working with middle and high school outside-the-box learners. She closed it in 2011 to shift toward an individualized online and homeschool hybrid option called Wings to Soar Online Academy. She is currently Curriculum Coordinator and Intervention Specialist for Wings to Soar Online Academy. She has been the Homeschool and Special Needs Consultant for Cornerstone Learning Connections, her dad’s educational store that specializes inserving homeschoolers for the past 12 years. Beth Ellen has tutored,assessed, and / or consulted with hundreds of families.

She is the author of Wings to Soar: Integrated, Multisensory Language Arts with Words You Really Use. Her forthcoming book, Help and Hope for Dyslexics is due to be released in April 2016.

Chris Hansen

Chris Hansen is a novelist and the author of The Pirates Guide to the Grammar of Story, a Creative Writing Curriculum for homeschoolers. Before becoming a full-time published author he spent over a decade training filmmakers and novelists in creativity. He was the executive director of the Piko Fellowship in Screenwriting, a long term residency program for writers in film and television. Then as a founding member and senior advisor to the Wedgwood Circle, he joined a team of artists, including major motion picture and television producers, Oscar and Grammy winners, the producers of Broadway plays such as Les Miserable, leading comic book writers, video game developers, and the makers of the Narnia movies to create entertainment that had a positive influence on world culture.


Pam Delaney

Pam Delaney currently teaches Chemistry, Life Science, and PE at Homeschool Connections in Bothell, WA (http://www.homeschool-connections.com). Pam has a B.S. in Biochemistry, has taught outdoor education, and worked in the biotech industry prior to choosing to stay home and homeschool her children. With her homeschooled sons now off in college, she enjoys encouraging other parents along their homeschooling journey, and tutors high school chemistry and coaches basketball. Pam is a Christian who teaches science from the creation viewpoint


Janice Hedin

Janice Hedin homeschooled her children all the way to college and careers. She lobbied for three years for the Washington State Home-Based Instruction Law. Ever since, she has actively advocated to preserve and protect our homeschool law by working with state agencies and the Washington State Legislature.  Popular speaker who’s passion is to encourage parents that they can homeschool. She co-presented the Parent Qualifying Course, Options for Parent Teachers for over 20 years, as well as the well-attended Homeschooling High School seminar.


Tambra Birkebak

Tambra homeschooled all four of her children.  An Occupational Therapist by profession, she embraced the freedom of homeschooling to prioritize character development, hands-on learning, student-lead exploration, and the pursuit of personal   passions. Tambra saw a strong family connection, a rich educational   environment, and a good dose of flexibility as key to developing a love of  learning; She has worn many hats over the years, including leadership and  teaching in several Co-Ops, roles in HSA and WHO, Advisor for a high school  Youth & Government Homeschool Delegation, and individual high school tutoring


Chris Reykdal

Chris Reykdal, the youngest of eight children, was born and raised in Snohomish. He graduated summa cum laude from Washington State University with a bachelor’s degree in social studies and earned a master’s degree in public administration from the University of North Carolina–Chapel Hill. He coached both youth and adult soccer for several years, volunteered as a local city planning commissioner and served as a trustee for the College Spark Washington Foundation for six years.

His professional career has been devoted to public education. Chris has worked as a high school history teacher, local school board member, state legislator, and budget and education policy executive for our state’s community and technical college system.

In November 2016, Chris was elected as Washington’s 16th state superintendent. His goals are to build broad coalitions that will close the opportunity gaps for some students, expand technical education opportunities and decrease our reliance on standardized tests that label our students.

Chris and his wife, Kim, live in historic Tumwater with their two children, Carter and Kennedy.