2015 Convention Speakers

Dr. Shanon Brooks

Dr. Shanon Brooks is the co-founder and the president of Monticello College, a co-founder of the Center for Social Leadership, and the former president of George Wythe University.

I co-authored A Thomas Jefferson Education for Teens. I have more than 21 years of experience in teaching and administering entrepreneurial higher-education organizations.

I hold a B.A. in Business Administration, an M.A. in Education, and a Ph.D. in Constitutional Law.

I live in Monticello, Utah with my wife Julia and our six children.  I love hiking and the great outdoors.  My favorite toy is a backhoe.

I am passionate about liberty, liberal arts education and the organic concept of Georgics.


Janice Campbell

Janice Campbell and her husband Donald homeschooled their sons from preschool into early college using a lifestyle of learning approach influenced by Charlotte Mason, classical learning, and the Thomas Jefferson method. Her books and resources reflect Janice’s focus on twaddle-free, active learning (she did have boys, after all!).

Janice speaks at conferences nationwide on subjects including literature and writing, parent training for more effective homeschooling, high school records and transcripts, as well as microbusiness and multiple streams of income for homeschool families. She is the author of the Excellence in Literature curriculum for grades 8-12, Transcripts Made Easy and Get a Jump Start on College, among other things. She is also Director of the National Association of Independent Writers and Editors (NAIWE).

Whether teaching high school students to love literature, parents to be more inspired or effective teachers, or families how to create multiple streams of income, Janice’s focus is on sharing the joy of the journey and lighting lamps so that others can more easily find their way. Her website, www.Everyday-Education.com, offers inspiration, resources, and a free e-newsletter.


Adam Andrews

Adam Andrews is the director of the Center for Literary Education and a home schooling father of six. Since 2003, he has traveled throughout the United States and Canada presenting an innovative method for teaching the crucial skills of literary analysis. Adam’s dynamic presentations enable students to enjoy great literature as never before, while his fresh insights inspire parents and teachers with new vision for their task as educators.

Adam earned his B.A. from Hillsdale College in southern Michigan and his M.A. f rom the University of Washington in Seattle, where he is currently a candidate for the Ph.D. He is a Henry Salvatori Fellow of the Intercollegiate Studies Institute and a founding board member of Westover Academy in Colville Washington. He and his wife Missy, a Hillsdale graduate and accomplished educator in her own right, teach all of their children at home in Rice, Washington


Jim Weiss

JIM WEISS has been a storyteller for over 25 years. In June, 1989, Jim decided to do something more with the craft that he had formerly practiced solely for pleasure. He and his wife, Randy, formed a production company, Greathall Productions, and have thus far produced fifty one (51) storytelling recordings with enticing titles from classical literature, such as Greek Myths, King Arthur and Sherlock Holmes. Jim’s Greathall lineis the recipient of more than 100+ major national awards from The American Library Association, Parents’ Choice Foundation, NAPPA, the Parents’ Council, The Oppenheim Toy Portfolio, The Film Advisory Board, Parents’ Guide to Children’s Media Award and more. Weiss’ newest releases are “Julius Caesar and the Story of Rome” and “Carry On, Mr. Bowditch.”

June, 2014 marks the 25th anniversary of greathall productions.


kathy kuhl-300x200

Kathy Kuhl

Kathy Kuhl equips and encourages parents to help children with learning challenges. She graduated from William and Mary, where she earned teaching certificates in secondary mathematics and English. She has taught junior high math, homeschooled her son for grades 4 to 12, taught courses for homeschooled teens, and given seminars for adults internationally.

Locally, she remains involved in homeschooling. She moderates a private online group for Northern Virginian homeschoolers with children with special needs. (Write for information.)

Apart from her work with parents of students with special needs, she is assistant administrator at CHESS – Centreville Homeschool Enrichment Support Services, which provides a la carte classes for homeschooled teens, but does not give chess lessons. (CHESS is not designed for teens with special needs, although a few have successfully taken classes there.)



Susan Evans

Susan Evans

Susan Evans is a lively homeschool conference speaker. She has been an educator for two decades, first as a teacher, and now as a homeschool mom. She runs a huge unit studies membership site for homeschoolers. It includes thousands of video demonstrations, downloadables, and hands-on learning articles. She also teaches creative writing classes on DVD, where she wears costumes for different time periods to teach historical fiction writing. You will find hundreds of free hands-on learning articles and videos on Susan’s website.


Ed Zaccaro

Ed Zaccaro is a teacher and a popular presenter at math and gifted education conferences around the country. He has taught students of all ages and abilities and has been an advocate for gifted education as a parent, teacher, and school board member. His students will testify to his ability to make math fun and challenging for them as well as his unique sense of humor, which comes through in his classes and workshops.

Ed has an undergraduate degree from Oberlin College, a Masters degree in Gifted Education from the University of Northern Iowa, and is the author of six math books for mathematically gifted children



Chris Chisolm

Chris grew up in Minnesota and Wisconsin, except when his parents were on active military duty in Germany and other tours, and when he spent a college year abroad in Ecuador. His parents would pull him and his 6 siblings out of school as often as they could to broaden their education, including for hands-on natural science outdoor experiences. Chris credits his parents with giving him the original wherewithal to grow his outdoor school, Wolf Camp and the Wolf College, from its small start in Bellingham WA in 1996 to where it is now, actually located just one mile from where the homeschool convention is held in Puyallup. Chris and his wife Kim recently purchased her grandparent’s old homestead where they are recreating a working farm and building the new Wolf Campus. In the meantime, Chris and Kim have been offering natural science classes to homeschooling families across western Washington, as well as summer camps, workshops, and expeditions for adults and families nation-wide.


Lee turquoise

Lee Binz

Lee Binz, The HomeScholar helps parents homeschool for high school and is a leading internet home school resource helping parents homeschool to college.   She is an expert in how to craft a winning homeschool transcript .  She has an award-winning Christian homeschool blog and one of the most popular homeschool newsletters available.   Lee is a dynamic speaker at homeschooling conventions as well as homeschooling support groups.  Check out her homeschool online free minicourse and training webinar on how to give homeschool credit in high school   You can find Lee online at www.TheHomeScholar.com and can email her at Lee@TheHomeScholar.com


Celiane Limes

Celiane Limes

As a native of Switzerland, homeschooling was a very foreign concept to me. When our youngest son was five my husband and I realized that enrolling our son in any type of school would not work for our family. Now ten years later we wonder why it was so difficult to make the decision to homeschool! We have three sons, 15, 13 and 12 and our life is centered around our family. We have created a lifestyle of learning. We love to travel and homeschooling has provided us the freedom to see the world. Homeschooling has also given our sons the luxury of time to pursue their own interests. I have been volunteering with WHO on and off for the last eight years, more recently as a board member. I love to encourage other parents to homeschool.



Candice Childs

Candice Childs is a homeschool alum (and now has homeschool grandkids) and a former junior high and high school teacher (“BH” – before homeschooling) . She has worked with families for over 30 years through Family Academy/Academy NW, co-authored Homeschooling the High Schooler, and developed “Able to Teach,” a course for parents.




Janice Hedin

Janice Hedin continues to be one of the strongest voices to defend and champion the rights of homeschoolers in Washington.;She actively worked with the grassroots movement to get our homeschool law passed in 1985 and then went on to homeschool her children all the way to college and careers. Her passion is to build confidence in parents who will hand down the gift of homeschooling to the next generation.