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Julie Bogart

Julie Bogart

I’m Julie Bogart, creator and owner of Brave Writer, the online writing and language arts program. I love writing. I love kids. I love parents! I consider it the most serendipitously wonderful collision of loves that I get to be involved with all three every day. Early on, I put in my time in the professional writing world through editing, ghost-writing, and freelancing. But when I got to the point where my kids were on the precipice between manual control of a pencil and self-expression in writing, I could see quickly that what I enjoyed the most was coaching—being the person to facilitate the birth of original thought.

Brave Writer exists to recreate that experience in you, the homeschooling parent.

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Deborah (Debi) Taylor-Hough

I knew I wanted to home educate my children even before I had children.  I began researching home education about 30 years ago, several years before my oldest child’s birth.  I successfully home educated my three children (now 27, 24 and 19) from birth all the way through high school using a fairly relaxed version of Charlotte Mason’s methods mixed with a bit of unschooling.  (See “Are All Homeschooling Methods Created Equal?” for more details.)  For more information, you can read about My Personal Introduction to Charlotte Mason’s Philosophies.  The last ten years of my homeschooling adventure were completed as essentially a single parent after my husband was diagnosed with a degenerative brain disorder and needed to move out of our home for safety reasons.

I’m the author of the book, A Twaddle-Free Education: An Introduction to Charlotte Mason’s Timeless Educational Ideas (Simple Pleasures Press).  I’ve had websites and blogs about Charlotte Mason homeschooling for many years, and have taught workshops at churches, women’s groups, and homeschooling conferences on Charlotte Mason homeschooling topics, frugal living, cooking for the freezer, homemaking, and parenting.  I’m the editor of the Charlotte Mason eMagazine, and I have facilitated homeschooling groups of various types (4H, nature camps, literature discussion, general homeschooling).  I’ve spoken at homeschooling conventions around the country on CM-related topics, parenting, and homemaking.  I am currently available for Twaddle-Free Education™ workshops and one-on-one homeschooling consultations.

I’m a graduate of the University of Washington with an interdisciplinary Literature degree (magna cum laude), and am currently a full-time Graduate Student pursuing a Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing and Poetics.  After I finish Grad School, I hope to teach at a local college or university, and also start a writing and educational resource center based on Charlotte Mason methods and principles.

I’m also the author of several traditionally published books including Frugal Living for Dummies® and the popular Frozen Assets cookbook series.  I’ve worked as a newspaper columnist, a radio host, a church outreach director, and I’ve helped run an antique mall.

But my all-time favorite job/vocation has been being Mom to my three wonderful kiddos.



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