Parent Qualifying Courses

Course is being offered twice – Thursday, June 16th or Friday June 17th

Deadline for Registering – May 31, 2016

Course Description:

The Home-based Instruction Qualifying Course will cover the law (declaration of intent, record keeping, subjects, testing/assessment, records), support, information and resources, part time attendance and ancillary services, alternative education in WA, and Running Start. 

Upon Completion of this course, the parent(s) will be able to: Understand the HBI law, find support for homeschooling, and be able to negotiate the educational system in Washington State to help their children reach their educational goals.

This course satisfies RCW 28A.225.010(4)(b) and includes entrance to the Convention.

These courses are being offered during the WHO Convention . Entry to both days of the convention are included in the price of your Parent Qualifying Course as well as a complimentary WHO Membership. Your name/name’s will be on a list at the ticket booth and you will be given tickets at that point.


Home-based Instruction Parent-Qualifying Course – Cost: $90 for one parent, $120 for two*

* Parents can be any two adults from the same household who are parenting the same one or more children. If you’re an extended family and you want parent and grandparent to come, that’s fine.

Course offered two times .  Select One:

Thursday16 June 2016, 9am-1:30pmRegistration Link

Please note that convention setup will be going on with forklifts and various machinery being used on this day. Please use caution in this area. The course is being held in the room located in the back of the Showplex, 20E as indicated on the map.

Friday – 17 June 2016, 9am – 1:30pmRegistration Closed – Class is Full

The course is being held in the room located in the State Patrol Building, #19 as indicated on the map.

About the Instructor:

Jen Garrison Stuber: I fell into homeschooling in 2003, when my then seven year old became a second-grade drop-out. Along the way, I became a vocal advocate for independent homeschooling, run a local support group (in Spokane, on the sunnyside of our state), joined the WHO Board in January 2010, and currently serve as the Advocacy Chair.

About the Instructor’s Homeschooling:

I started out with grand plans to homeschool using the Classical Trivium. It was a bit of an adjustment for both of us, as my daughter had been at the school for just over 3 years, and I was making a radical transition from college professor to homeschool mom. As it turned out, Classical was a really bad fit for my daughter. But after those initial bumps, we haven’t looked back, even as we made our way through unit studies and a mishmash of different methodologies and curricula to unschooling.

Homeschooling has allowed us to provide an education uniquely suited to our daughter’s mismatched collection of strengths and weaknesses, catering to the former while mitigating the latter.

About the Facilities:

The Parent Qualifying Course is held at the Puyallup Fairgrounds. While we try to make the rooms ascomfortable as possible, it is the fairgrounds. Sometimes it’s too hot, sometimes it’s too cold –sometimes it’s both in the same class period. The chairs are never super comfortable. Past studentshave recommended bringing a pillow to sit on, and we recommend wearing layers. (But, if the room ends up too hot, please remember to collect your layers — I’ve ended up with two sweaters and a puffy jacket in the past years, and it’s hard to reconnect those lost items with their owners).

Childcare (or, rather, lack thereof): We regret that we are unable to provide childcare during the course. Nursing infants in arms are welcome, but please sit near the door for a quick exit if the nurslings need to stretch their lungs.

About the Course:

This course is designed to be held in conjunction with convention. I do not cover curriculum options in depth for several reasons: first, the course is very short; second, the selection of curriculum is very individual, not only to your family, but to each individual child; and third, because the course is held in conjunction with Convention, so that you have access to a huge variety of curricula and vendors who know their products in far greater depth and breadth than I could ever hope to.

The course focuses primarily on the law. Because of its length (4 hours), it is fast-paced. I take questions on the fly as we go through the course, and have built in enough flexibility to tailor to the specific needs of the folks in front of me. My teaching style tends to drive certain personalities to distraction . . . if rabbit trails, narrative examples, and the occasional digression make you twitchy and angry, this might not be the course for you. (On the other hand, even if these are pet peeves, the course is only 4 hours in length, and I try to make it as interesting as a course focused on the law can be — so it’s not like you’re stuck with me for a 16 week semester).

About the Instructor’s Theory of Education:

I believe that we each take an education. I don’t believe that one person can “teach” another person anything; I do think that having expert advice and instruction is invaluable — but only when you’re ready to learn. I think this is particularly true of children.


This course is held during orange cone season. Traffic around Puyallup can be hideous during orange cone season. Please plan accordingly; I start and end on time, and I’d hate to have you miss anything. We’re here early, and if you’re super early, there are a variety of espresso shacks nearby ready to take your order of a mocha-frappe-whippa-chino to pass the time.


Because we have expenses associated with the course (rent, materials, administration), we are able to offer the following refunds:

Cancellations on or before 1 May, 2016, will be charged a $30 fee.

Cancellations after 15 May, 2016, receive a 50% refund.

Cancellations after 31 May 2016, receive no refund.

Late registration:

Late registrations (after 15 May) are payable by credit card only.

Do I Need this Course?

There are four ways to qualify to homeschool in WA:

45 college quarter credits


Parent Qualifying Course


Hire a Certificated Teacher to oversee the homeschooling


Superintendent Approval

If you already qualify in one of the other ways, you do not need to take the PQC.

Also useful to know: you need only take the course once; it is good for a lifetime.

If one of these dates or times don’t work for you, we have a list of other people offering parent qualifying courses across our state (and some by correspondence!) listed on our website.