In honor of her years of dedication to ensure that homeschoolers can achieve their dreams,
the Washington Homeschool Organization proudly announces:

Janice M. Hedin Scholarship
“For the Homeschoolers of Washington”

A College Scholarship Opportunity for Washington Homeschoolers
Washington Homeschool Organization is pleased to provide the
Janice Hedin College Scholarship for Washington State Homeschoolers.
This scholarship competition is perfect for your family.

It’s money for College
If your homeschooled student intends to go to college,
they could win up to $1,000, thanks to Washington Homeschool Organization.

It’s perfect for you
The Janice Hedin Scholarship is for members of WHO
that have filed a Declaration of Intent to Homeschool and are graduating in the year they are applying for the scholarship.
We recognize that many homeschoolers utilize Running Start in high school,
so providing the Declaration of Intent for the year prior to Running Start is just fine.

It values every teaching style
The scholarship understands that every homeschool is unique.
Just submit your parent-made homeschool transcript or other homeschool record.

It’s easy to apply
The student needs to submit a brief essay on the benefits of homeschooling. 
The parents submit the student’s transcript or homeschool record.
The family completes a very short application form.

Check it out
The details of the scholarship and the application will be on our website by November for the upcoming year.

The application deadline is February 1


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