Email Announcement List

Communicating with WHO members and homeschoolers throughout the state on issues of importance has always been a major objective of the organization. Our newsletter, WHO’s News, is a good tool for that communication. However, the newsletter is published bi-monthly and often we want to make you aware of WHO events, legislative and/or state agency announcements and rulings, etc. that occur between publications. So, we are changing the name of this e-mail announcement list to make better use of it. In the future we will not only be sending e-mails that are of an urgent/alert-nature but also those that announce WHO sponsored events and those that inform you of happenings in the homeschool community.

There are times, especially during legislative sessions, when we need to get information out to everyone on short notice. During those times, often there are developments that affect homeschoolers where we need to respond immediately. The WHOForHomeschooling Announces” is an email list server that allows us to “pass the word” efficiently and in a timely manner. This is a free, private, announcement-only list, with no discussion. WHO membership is not required.