Assessment Question

Email of the Day:
In regards to annual assessments, is approved by the State Board of Education? It claims to “meets annual testing requirements” but I see no mention of the Board of Education on their website….

Here’s the law:
(c) Ensure that a standardized achievement test approved by the state board of education is administered annually to the child by a qualified individual or that an annual assessment of the student’s academic progress is written by a certificated person who is currently working in the field of education.

NWUT, according to what information is available on their website is actually operating under the “assessment” portion of the law, not the standardized test portion (which is the part that requires the SBE’s approval for the test).

What I’d want to know, as a consumer, is who is the certificated person on the other end, what is their license #, and in what manner are they currently working in the field of education? NWUT does not provide this information on their website, but I imagine it’s available for the asking.

–Jen Garrison Stuber, WHO Board Advocacy Chair