A Brief History of Homeschooling in the US

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A Brief History of Homeschooling in the US.

Super short summary:
Modern Homeschooling started in the 60s with Left-Wing Intellectuals, carried on to the 70s with Organic Education, surged in the 80s with Evangelical Objectors, took off in the 90s and aughts with folks who were dissatisfied with public school (Columbine (and now hundreds of other school shootings) boosting this).

“Modern home schooling was launched by left-wing intellectuals and legalized by the religious right, but home schooling is not just for the ends of the political spectrum anymore. Home schooling today consists of an ever-more-diverse array of American families. Although there is little in the way of reliable statistical data on the changing face of home schooling, it is not hard to identify several new streams that are flowing into the home school movement. Three of the more significant new layers of home schooling are “soccer moms,” Roman Catholics, and African-Americans.”

~Jen GS