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Can you recommend a curriculum? (A: No, I can’t).

Email of the Day: We’re just starting out mid-year. I need some help or recommendations as to curriculum. Most of the things I’ve found on my own have a world-view that’s not a good fit. Answer: This is, I fear, an impossible question. It is one that only you and your son can answer. Here

Unschooling and the 11 Subjects

Email of the Day: As an unschooler how do you make sure you cover what your child is ‘supposed to know’ each year? Is there a master list or something? Answer: Two answers to this question: 1) WA law says that, over the course of your homeschooling, you need to cover the 11 subjects: reading,

Unschooling in WA?

Email of the Day: We are looking at moving to Vancouver USA and we have unschooled our son for the last year, in Nevada. Can you give me any insight as to the laws in Wa., pertaining to un-schooling? Is it legal to do so? Answer: Unschooling is a homeschool methodology. In the context of

Required hours per subject?

Email of the Day: Are there a required number of hours per subject the kids are mandated to do a day/week/year?? I just ordered grade 5 CLE for my 8yo and grade 3 CLE for my 6yo because in the next 30 days they will have done all of grades 4 and 2 respectively. I

Part Seven of Seven

Part Seven of Seven: “[I] could easily have schooled my own children, but I would never have deprived them from the love, security, and gift of the very highest degree of education that they have built their successful lives on that was offered by their teachers! Ok! My rant is over, but consider carefully before