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Please Send Me Preschool Curriculum

Email of the Day: Hey! My kidlet is 4 years this summer. He was diagnosed with a special need at 2 years old.I am interested in homeschooling him right away. Would you send me the curriculum for preschool? ? Answer: You have until the fall of 2021 to get this figured out. Compulsory attendance in

Parent Qualifying Course at Convention

Email of the Day: I was looking over the schedule of events at Convention, and I found the Parent Qualifying Course. I have a bachelor’s, so if I’m reading the law correctly, I don’t need the class to qualify. But is it okay to take it anyway? Answer: You’ve read the law correctly. To qualify

Getting Started Homeschooling

Getting Started Homeschooling The first thing to understand is that compulsory attendance in WA is from ages 8-18. Children under the age of 8 are not required to attend school, including homeschool. Therefore, none of the HBI (home-based instruction, the legal name for homeschooling) laws apply to children under the age of 8. Those children

Convention Question

Email of the Day: I didn’t attend this year because last year was so bad… I am glad I didn’t from my other home school friends they said it was sad too this year. I will be attending other ones even willing to travel. What happened to all the great exhibitors? It was once the