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Homeschooling and the Under 8 Crowd

Email of the Day: Mom One: I heard once they enter school (which my son has), they have to stay in school, even if they are younger than 8…. does that sound accurate? Mom 2: I heard that, too. Parents who wait until 8 are more likely (in my personal opinion) to have a child

I homeschool my three sons and I love it

This. This. So much this. It was hard to decide what quote to use – I wanted to quote it all. ~Jen “Because they’ve never been to conventional school, they’ve never absorbed the idea that people should congregate in narrow age ranges. My 4 year old’s best friend is 6. My 6 year old plays

Some Homeschool Math

In WA, we have a requirement of 1,000 hours for homeschooling. (In a school, this is generally 180 5.5 hour days, more or less). This includes everything that happens in school — lunch, recess, lining up, Johnny can’t find his pencil, Susy’s acting up, every fieldtrip, field day, every substitute teacher blow off, every time