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Highschool Graduation Requirements

Email of the Day: Hi Jen, I have a question about the world language requirement for WA. Things change after the year 2019. From what I read, if they are graduating after 2019, they have to have 2 years in the same foreign language or ASL or native American language. Now someone also told me

Graduation Requirements

Email of the Day: I understand that the public school requirements are changing to graduation for the 2021 class. what has/is has changed for Homeschoolers? Answer: Not a thing. Been the same for 32 years. Cover the 11 subjects over the course of your homeschooling. (The 11 Subjects are: reading, writing, spelling, language, math, science,

Graduation Requirements for Homeschoolers?

Email of the Day: Im trying to figure out where to find graduating requirements for highschool? Basically what classes she needs and how many credits per class. I believe its 26 credits to graduate? Answer: The reason you can’t find this information is that it doesn’t exist. Homeschoolers in WA are responsible for covering the

HS Diploma and Graduation

Email of the Day: Hi, I wanted to understand more about the home school diploma and the WA state requirements concerning that. 1) Is it mandatory for a high-school senior to participate in a public graduation ceremony where a diploma is issued out to the child? Is an official graduation ceremony a graduation requirement? 2)