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Last Mom Standing (RS questions)

Email of the Day: Hello . Regarding the RS program in WA, I have been told students are eligible up until age 21. My son is a sophomore now. I am unsure weather or not he’ll be ready next year for RS program, as it’s college level work. A friend told me that, if I

Transferring credit to the highschool

Email of the Day: We’d like to homeschool our mid-sophomore daughter for one semester only to finish up her sophomore year and then enroll her in Running Start next fall. It’s interesting that some of you felt pressured to enroll your kid in the HS and especially interesting that the high school offered them to

Running Start Success

Email of the Day: I wrote to you last year about getting my daughter accepted as a running start student. You provided some terrific help, and I wanted to update you on how it’s gone. As per your advice, I submitted the CAT/5 for sophomore year to our local high school. The crucial question, which

Running Start without the Highschool?

Email of the Day: I also wanted to ask about running start for my home schooler (currently 10th gr). I have only a general understanding but am not really sure where to start. I was advised that I should go through the high school in our district, but I don’t want to send my daughter

Running Start

Email of the Day: Hello, I would like information about the running start program. Do you have any information about this program for the home schooled students? Please advice. Thank you, Answer: It’s pretty much exactly the same for homeschooled students as it is for public schooled students, except you have total freedom to pick