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Sports Eligibility and Homeschooling

Email of the Day: Hi Jen, I need to find out some information about my son being able to play football at his local public school when he is homeschooled. I remember from previous conversations and/or your class that homeschooled kids can play sports, but before I inquire with the school – I just want

On diplomas and transcripts

On diplomas and transcripts: 20 November 2015 Under Washington State law, the requirement for compulsory attendance is satisfied in one of three ways: attendance in a public school, private school, or home-based instruction [the legal name for homeschooling in our state] (RCW 28A.200.010). The state makes no distinction in the “legitimacy” of these forms of

Last Mom Standing (RS questions)

Email of the Day: Hello . Regarding the RS program in WA, I have been told students are eligible up until age 21. My son is a sophomore now. I am unsure weather or not he’ll be ready next year for RS program, as it’s college level work. A friend told me that, if I

Transferring Highschool Credit

Email of the Day: This may be a question for Jen-do public schools have to recognize homeschool transcripts for credit towards graduation? We ran into this with our oldest son and the charter school he started at his senior year would not accept the credits earned from the previous year homeschooling. We worked it out-he

Transferring credit to the highschool

Email of the Day: We’d like to homeschool our mid-sophomore daughter for one semester only to finish up her sophomore year and then enroll her in Running Start next fall. It’s interesting that some of you felt pressured to enroll your kid in the HS and especially interesting that the high school offered them to