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K-12 and a PPP?

Email of the Day: Can my kids participate in K-12 or another online virtual academy and also use a PPP locally? Answer: The problem with enrolling in K-12 and trying to also enroll in a local PPP is a problem of FTE (full time equivalency, a unit of measure used in schools). In general, you

Homeschooling My 6 yo

Email of the Day: Hello. I’m new and nervous about homeschooling. Nervous because I want to make sure I’m following ‘the rules’ correctly and I don’t want to fail my daughter. My daughter is 6. And I’ve not enrolled her in kindergarten this year or for next. I’d like to homeschool her but don’t know

Homeschooling and the Under 8 Crowd

Email of the Day: Mom One: I heard once they enter school (which my son has), they have to stay in school, even if they are younger than 8…. does that sound accurate? Mom 2: I heard that, too. Parents who wait until 8 are more likely (in my personal opinion) to have a child

Let’s be clear

Email of the Day: I wanted to let you know that this came in handy, big time with Local Public Schools. I turned in the WHO DofI form, and School was insisting on a phone number. I gave them that notice, and told them they were welcome to keep it for future reference. They were

Some Homeschool Math

In WA, we have a requirement of 1,000 hours for homeschooling. (In a school, this is generally 180 5.5 hour days, more or less). This includes everything that happens in school — lunch, recess, lining up, Johnny can’t find his pencil, Susy’s acting up, every fieldtrip, field day, every substitute teacher blow off, every time