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Homeschooling and the Under 8 Crowd

Email of the Day: Mom One: I heard once they enter school (which my son has), they have to stay in school, even if they are younger than 8…. does that sound accurate? Mom 2: I heard that, too. Parents who wait until 8 are more likely (in my personal opinion) to have a child


DofI FAQ: Q: My child is 8. When is the DofI due? A: On the 15th of September each year. Q: It’s early August, should I turn in my DofI early? A: No. It’s due mid-September (on the 15th). Turning it in early isn’t helpful for you, and it’s not helpful for the school district,

No one under 8 ever goes on the DofI

In case you (or someone you know) needs this, here’s a more detailed explanation of why you don’t have to file a Declaration of Intent for a child under the age of 8, even if they’ve been enrolled in public school, and even if some random school administrator is insisting the do (and possibly threatening

Let’s be clear

Email of the Day: I wanted to let you know that this came in handy, big time with Local Public Schools. I turned in the WHO DofI form, and School was insisting on a phone number. I gave them that notice, and told them they were welcome to keep it for future reference. They were

Checking the teacher box

Email of the Day: Hi Jen! I have a Letter of Intent question. I spoke with a friend who thinks that taking the parenting course means we are allowed to check the box indicating the home-based instruction will be supervised by a person certificated in Washington state pursuant to etc. I have always been under