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Homeschooling My 6 yo

Email of the Day: Hello. I’m new and nervous about homeschooling. Nervous because I want to make sure I’m following ‘the rules’ correctly and I don’t want to fail my daughter. My daughter is 6. And I’ve not enrolled her in kindergarten this year or for next. I’d like to homeschool her but don’t know

Checking the teacher box

Email of the Day: Hi Jen! I have a Letter of Intent question. I spoke with a friend who thinks that taking the parenting course means we are allowed to check the box indicating the home-based instruction will be supervised by a person certificated in Washington state pursuant to etc. I have always been under

Last Mom Standing (RS questions)

Email of the Day: Hello . Regarding the RS program in WA, I have been told students are eligible up until age 21. My son is a sophomore now. I am unsure weather or not he’ll be ready next year for RS program, as it’s college level work. A friend told me that, if I

DofI questions

Email of the Day: Does the DOI have to be filed mid year (my twins turn 8 in January) or can I wait to file it prior to the next school year? Also, when the DOI is filed/mailed, do you have to submit your college transcripts or teaching cert (I used to be a teacher

“You don’t need to be qualified.”

Email of the Day: A dad on my local homeschool group said this: “My wife home schooled for twenty three years in four different states our seven children never did we get permission from the state to do so or even bother with testing. yet all were able to get in to collages, went on