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Super Secret (Anonymous) Heroine of the Day

Super Secret (Anonymous) Heroine of the Day: “Me outside the superintendent’s office to self *be cool, be normal, don’t say anything out of line* . . . Five minutes later, while waiting for paperwork, and hearing them blatantly lie to another homeschooling parent about mandatory testing exclusively through them: “THAT’S NOT TRUE! ACTUALLY YOU DON’T

Advocacy in Action

Advocacy In Action: WHO received an email the other day from a mom who’d approached her school over the summer to sign her 10th graders up for the PSAT. (You can sign up for the SAT online and then just show up at the school, but you have to sign up for the PSAT at

CRHE in the news

The Coalition for Responsible Home Education is an organization comprised of formerly homeschooled students who feel (and, in many cases, rightly so) that their parents were derelict in their homeschooling. As such, the seek to see more legislation and regulations for homeschooling, and they’ve started to move toward recommending that homeschooling copy the public schools.

Homeschool Police

The Homechooling Police If you’ve seen me speak about homeschooling in person, you’ve probably heard me joke that I am the homeschooling police in WA. I am the person your friends, family, or neighbors write to when they want to nark on you and about how they think you’re doing a crappy job homeschooling. I

Out of state accredited program — testing?

mail of the Day: We’re doing an out of state accredited program that has tests and finals with the program. Do we still have to do the annual testing or assessment? Answer: Short answer: yes. In our state, correspondence schools are merely considered curriculum choice. You have the option to do testing or assessment with