Category: Part Time Attendance & Ancillary Services

Sports and Immunizations

Email of the Day: My sons are participating in sports at Local HS this year, which has seen an influx of such students this year. They are telling us it is required to submit their immunization status for the registration of those students. The main reason, we are told, is “wouldn’t we want to know

Part time attendance and/or ancillary services

We are not the only state whose laws allow part time attendance and/or ancillary services for homeschoolers and private schoolers, but we are one of a few. Here’s what it looks like in states that don’t, and what that fight looks like in 2016.

PPP, ALEs, Homeschooling

Email of the Day: Every time a newbie comes on our local homeschool list and asks about support groups and co-ops, she’s greeted with a chorus of “Here’s our ALE,” or “Try this PPP.” I’m pretty sure I’m adding to my rep as a b**** in the local hs community each time I clarify the

Testing in the Schools?

Email of the Day: I just called into sign up my tenth grade home schooler for state testing this year and the woman told me that they weren’t doing testing for tenth graders this year unless they were online schooling. But I wanted to check this out because it does’t sound right. My understanding was

Enrolled in order to access the ancillary services?

Email of the Day: I went to access [ancillary service] at Public School, and the coordinator told me that Kidlet would have to be enrolled in order to access the ancillary services. Answer: If she meant that you need to file enrollment paperwork, that is correct: you will need to do some enrollment paperwork to