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CRHE in the news

The Coalition for Responsible Home Education is an organization comprised of formerly homeschooled students who feel (and, in many cases, rightly so) that their parents were derelict in their homeschooling. As such, the seek to see more legislation and regulations for homeschooling, and they’ve started to move toward recommending that homeschooling copy the public schools.

Tax write-off?

Email of the Day: Should I be saving receipts for everything I’m buying for homeschooling and curriculums I purchase? Do I get a tax write off? I googled it some people said yes some people said no. I’m not sure what’s correct for Washington state. Answer: There are no tax write-offs for homeschooling. It is

Your mom narked on you

SPOILER: Your mom narked on you. Email of the Day: [You know how I sometimes tell you that I’m the Homeschooling Police? How I say that if someone wants to nark about you and your homeschooling, they do it to me? You remember this? Well . . . this time, it’s your mom.] I was

A Brief History of Homeschooling in the US

For your consideration. A Brief History of Homeschooling in the US. Super short summary: Modern Homeschooling started in the 60s with Left-Wing Intellectuals, carried on to the 70s with Organic Education, surged in the 80s with Evangelical Objectors, took off in the 90s and aughts with folks who were dissatisfied with public school (Columbine (and

Can homeschoolers everywhere take classes at the local school?

Email of the Day: Can homeschoolers everywhere take classes at the local school, or is that just a WA thing? Answer: WA is one of a small handful of states that guarantees part time attendance and/or ancillary services to homeschoolers and private schoolers at the same level they would get as full time students in