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Some Homeschool Math

In WA, we have a requirement of 1,000 hours for homeschooling. (In a school, this is generally 180 5.5 hour days, more or less). This includes everything that happens in school — lunch, recess, lining up, Johnny can’t find his pencil, Susy’s acting up, every fieldtrip, field day, every substitute teacher blow off, every time

Homeschool Police

The Homechooling Police If you’ve seen me speak about homeschooling in person, you’ve probably heard me joke that I am the homeschooling police in WA. I am the person your friends, family, or neighbors write to when they want to nark on you and about how they think you’re doing a crappy job homeschooling. I

Can you recommend a curriculum? (A: No, I can’t).

Email of the Day: We’re just starting out mid-year. I need some help or recommendations as to curriculum. Most of the things I’ve found on my own have a world-view that’s not a good fit. Answer: This is, I fear, an impossible question. It is one that only you and your son can answer. Here

Unschooling and the 11 Subjects

Email of the Day: As an unschooler how do you make sure you cover what your child is ‘supposed to know’ each year? Is there a master list or something? Answer: Two answers to this question: 1) WA law says that, over the course of your homeschooling, you need to cover the 11 subjects: reading,