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HS Transcripts

Email of the Day: I have a question for you regarding a homeschool high school transcript. My daughter will be graduating this spring and she will only have completed 3 years of the high school years. However, she has done a lot of learning during that time and is more than ready to graduate. Yet,

Small House, Built to Completionn

Email of the Day: You’ve said you had 4 requirements for your daughter to graduate. Could you list those again, and talk about her house? Answer: Our four graduation requirements were these: 1) The ability to think critically and do research (esp. in the library). 2) The ability to read and write well. 3) A

Valid standardized testing

Email of the Day: I was recently at a homeschool curriculum/books sale and saw a form advertising standardized testing coming up in our area soon. On the form and on their website they state, “The test is professionally administered in a group setting, as required for valid standardized testing.” I am unaware of any specification


Some thoughts on the PSAT/NMSQT, SAT, and ACT: The PSAT/NMSQT puts you in the running for a National Merit Scholarship Award (which can be a full ride). If you have a good test taker: DO THIS TEST. (It is given in October on two dates only: a Sat and a Tues). In most school districts,

Graduation Requirements

Email of the Day: I understand that the public school requirements are changing to graduation for the 2021 class. what has/is has changed for Homeschoolers? Answer: Not a thing. Been the same for 32 years. Cover the 11 subjects over the course of your homeschooling. (The 11 Subjects are: reading, writing, spelling, language, math, science,