Co-ops, Membership, Curriculum

Email of the Day:
Are you required to be a member of a co-op? Sometimes during the year we travel.

What are the membership dues monthly or yearly?

What curriculum do you guys recommended?

No, you’re not required to join a co-op. (Actually, WA law defines homeschooling as being provided “by a parent, educating his or her child only” and co-ops are not defined in our law. They’re not illegal, but they operate outside the educational law).

If you want to join WHO, our membership is $40 a year for a family, and includes entrance to one of the two days of Convention and supporting homeschooling in WA, including the work we do here:

I don’t recommend a specific curriculum. I’d have to know a lot more about your kidlet to even begin to make a recommendation. Please consider joining us in a few weeks for the Intro to Homeschooling:…/intro-to-homeschooling-seminars/

(And come to Convention — we have hundreds of vendors with tons of curriculum!)

–Jen GS