Curriculum Show and Tell

Email of the Day:
I am looking for a ___ curriculum for my __ grader. Do you have any suggestions?

Yes! It’s time to organize a Curriculum Show and Tell.

Here’s how to organize it:

1) Reserve a meeting space, or clean up your living room.
2) Make it a generic (all curriculum) or subject-specific (math only!) event.
3) Ask folks from your local homeschool group to come, and bring what they love, and what they hate.
4) Arrange the chairs in a circle, and go around the circle, showing folks what you love, explaining why you love it, and what you hated, and why it wasn’t a good fit for you and yours.

The reason you love something might be exactly why I’d love it, or it might be exactly why we’d hate it, and the reason you didn’t like something might be exactly why we would.

5) At the end of the evening, leave time for swap/barter/trade, and get rid of the stuff you hate — it’s just sitting on the shelf judging you and collecting dust — you need those shelves back.

You don’t have to be an old hand to do this — this is an activity that’s usually organized by a newbie who’s looking for stuff in the off-season (before the WHO Convention, local conventions, and curriculum sales that usually happen in the summer / early fall.

~Jen GS