Dear Lurker

Yeah — I’m looking at you, my dear lurker.
Your kidlet is still in public school, but you’ve been lurking around this page, contemplating homeschooling. But Jen, you say, here’s the thing: my kidlet does really well in school. A+ student. Talented and gifted. And bored. I’m terrified, Jen — I’m terrified of homeschooling this brilliant kidlet. What if I’m not up for the task? What if I’m not as smart as my kidlet? Aren’t the schools better equipped for this task?

You already know the answers to these questions. You wouldn’t be hanging around here if you didn’t. You know what you want to do.

What’s holding you back?

I know — it’s the fear. It’s the fear of being inadequate to the task.
But you’re not. There’s no one who loves your kidlet more than you do. (Maybe your spouse, and grandma’s a close third — but seriously — there’s no one who loves your kidlet as much as you do).

I offer this for your consideration:
The Education System Isn’t Designed for Smart Kids

School is really awesome for the middle of the bell curve. It’s set up to be like that. It’s not for the kids at the bottom, and it’s not for the kids at the top. That’s why your kidlet is restless and bored. That’s why your kidlet resists slogging along through the work. That’s why your kidlet’s grades are slipping.

So here you are, three weeks before Thanksgiving, sitting on the fence. You can see the green grass in the homeschooling pasture. You’ve combed through the websites and you have at least a half-baked plan. What are you waiting for?

There’s a whole big homeschooling world waiting for you on the other side of the fence.


~Jen GS, WHO Board Advocacy Chair