Dear Newbie Lurker

Dear Newbie-Lurker —
You came here, at the end of the school year, because school has become untenable for your child. You never had any interest or aspirations to homeschool — you’re here because you feel you’re out of options, and if you don’t find something else and soon, you beautiful, awesome, wonderful kidlet is going to crack. (Or maybe *he already has, and you’re trying to hold the pieces together with duct tape and glue, trying to just get through the next 3 months). But you’re here because you’re pretty sure that’s too long. You’re here because you’re trying to figure out the crash course into homeschooling so you can spring your kid.

You are not alone.

The thing that you know (and it’s not in this first linked article) is that the problem is school. But you’re in this battle with yourself — how can school be the problem? Didn’t we all go through school? Didn’t we all manage to make it through? Aren’t we all okay? Some of us are. Many of us aren’t. And too many of us blame ourselves.

Take a look at this article.

The problem isn’t your kidlet. The problem is that your kidlet is suffering the effects of being institutionalized.

I know you’re scared to take the jump. I know you’re scared to start. We all were, however we got here. That’s homechooling’s Dirty Little Secret:

Homeschooling's Dirty Little Secret:We're *all* terrified that we're messing up our children for life.Anyone who says…

Posted by Washington Homeschool Organization on Friday, October 3, 2014

We’re all terrified we’re going to mess our kids up. Anyone who says differently is one of two things: a bold faced liar (that’s most of us — we’re just running on bravado), or second generation (because they already know that homeschooling works).

You are not alone. And your kidlet doesn’t have to stay in school one day longer. You can withdraw h** tomorrow morning, while *he sleeps in. You don’t have to sit on the fence any longer. Jump. (Details on taking the plunge in the comments below).

~Jen Garrison Stuber, WHO Board Advocacy Chair