DofI questions

Email of the Day:
Does the DOI have to be filed mid year (my twins turn 8 in January) or can I wait to file it prior to the next school year? Also, when the DOI is filed/mailed, do you have to submit your college transcripts or teaching cert (I used to be a teacher in TX) with it or just check the box on a form letter?

Yes, no, no, no.
Yes, file on their birthday(s).
No, don’t wait. The DofI does two things: it relieves the school of their burden to provide your children with and education and provides you with protection from a charge of truancy.
No, you don’t have to prove how you qualify.
No, you’re not hiring a WA state certificated teacher to qualify, you have the college credits, so you don’t need the teacher.
~Jen GS