Fieldtrip Requirement

As you might imagine, there are very few questions that I get these days that are new — but ya’ll still manage to keep me on my toes and surprise me on a regular, if infrequent basis.

Email of the Day:
Hello! I have a question about field trips. Is that a requirement for homeschooling in Washington? If so, how do Homeschoolers keep track or record those. And is there a requirement of how field trips per year to take?

There is no requirement to take fieldtrips. (Most people do, and end up doing far more than their children would have in school, but it’s not at all required. Some people do none).
There is no requirement to record any of your homeschooling, aside from keeping your test or assessment records. You’ll of course want to create a highschool transcript and award your graduate a diploma, but there is no requirement to record any of your homeschooling.