Western Washington Graduation – June 6, 2020

In light of the unprecedented circumstances of the last few weeks, the WHO Board has decided that it would be in the best interest of our graduates, their families and attendees that we cancel the 2020 WHO Graduation.

Thank you for understanding during these difficult circumstances.

If you have already registered, please look for our email about refunds that was sent out 4/2/2020.

Western Washington Graduation Information

Sumner Performing Arts Center
1707 Main St
Sumner, WA 98390






Ceremony Updates

As you are no doubt aware, the novel coronavirus is having a major impact on planning for our graduation ceremony.

The current situation is very fluid.  We will do our best to keep you updated with the latest developments and how they might impact our graduation.

If we need to cancel our ceremony, your registration costs are fully refundable, however, this does not include our vendor, “homeschooldiploma.com” where you order your cap and gown and graduation accessories.  They have extended their early bird prices for those items until April 15th.  We suggest you put off ordering those items until closer to that deadline so that you don’t incur extra costs that won’t be refunded.

WHO will also offer all those who have signed up for our graduation the option of purchasing just the diploma and cover for $25 which includes shipping.  If you decide to take advantage of that, we can deduct it from your registration costs that we will refund if we deem we are not able to hold the graduation.

Thanks for your patience while we all navigate the ongoing situation.


The WHO Board


Professional Photography

Darel Roa Photography  will be taking photos in front of the stage as graduates walk across, as well as cap and gown photos by appointment prior to the ceremony.  For further information, see his website at darelroaphotography.com.  He also is available for senior pictures. Photographic services are NOT included in the price of graduation.  These are optional services that each family can take advantage of as they wish. More information regarding photos can be found here.

Darel & Linda Roa, through their family owned professional photography company Darel Roa Photography, have supported and provided the Washington Homeschool Organization with professional commencement services for almost 20 years ! With studio and offices located in Edgewood WA, the Roa’s also provide high quality professional photography for weddings, high school seniors, class reunions and many other special event types of projects. http://www.darelroaphotography.com/

General Information

Where & when will the commencement ceremony be held?
The Graduating Class of 2020 will receive their diplomas on Saturday, June 6, 2020 at 2:00 p.m.  Graduation Ceremony will be held at  the Sumner PAC, 1707 Main St, Sumner, WA 98390

When is the rehearsal?
Graduation rehearsal will begin promptly at 10:00 a.m. the day of graduation– on Saturday, June 6, 2020 at 2:00 p.m. at  the Sumner PAC, 1707 Main St, Sumner, WA 98390. It is required that the graduate, and at least one parent/guardian, attend the rehearsal and stay until rehearsal ends.

Do I have to be a WHO member to participate?
No. Non-members are welcome to participate in the ceremony.  There is an additional cost for those that are not WHO members.

Is the diploma state-certified?
The diploma is not state-certified. WHO is not an accrediting agency, and the WHO diploma is not an accredited diploma. The diploma is provided by the Washington Homeschool Organization (included in the graduation fee), but is issued from the parent to the student.

We can’t attend the ceremony – can we purchase a diploma from WHO?
The diplomas are not available independent of the ceremony. If you are interested only in the diploma, consider one of the many options online. Use the term “homeschooling diploma” in your search.

What is required for the ceremony?
A completed registration form & registration fee, the 80-word statement and cap and gown are required for the ceremony.

What is the final deadline for registration?
The final deadline for registration is May 1, 2020.
All registrations must be postmarked by May 1st. There will be no exceptions.
Please make careful note of all deadlines.

What is the 80-word statement?
As the parents and graduate meet at the center of the stage for the presentation of the diploma, the WHO presenters read a statement, written by the parents, about their student.  This brief (80 words or less) typed statement may make reference to the student’s accomplishments, personal qualities, future plans, or anything else the parent would like to say to honor their graduate.  Any statements over the limit will be, at WHO’s discretion, edited down to the appropriate length.  For sample statements, click here.

Please include the student’s name as you want it read on the 80-word statement form. Also include the names of the parents/guardians who will present the graduate their diploma. Because these statements are used directly by our readers, handwritten statements cannot be acceptedPlease provide phonetic assistance for more difficult name pronunciations on the form.

What is the Student Display?
As part of the Graduating Class of 2020, we invite each graduate to provide a personal presentation about their homeschooling experience.  It may be presented in the following forms:

  • A self-standing display board
  • A graduation scrapbook

The display could showcase the student’s accomplishments, talents, interests, and family photos. It should be brought to rehearsal on June 6, 2020.  These will be set-up by you.

Who can accompany the student on stage for the presentation of their diploma?
The immediate family may join the graduate on stage.  For this event, the immediate family is defined as parents/guardians and siblings.

Who can sit in the “Reserved Seating” section?
This area is reserved for those who will be going up on stage to present the graduate their diploma.  The reserved seating area is exclusively for those who are joining the graduate on stage, and meet the above criteria. If you do not wish to have the graduate’s siblings on stage, they are welcome to sit in the non-reserved section with other family members. All persons who sit in the reserved section will be going up on stage in order to simplify the ceremony.


Is my student eligible to participate in this graduation?
Any student who meets the following criteria may participate in the graduation ceremony:

  • The student has homeschooled and filed a Declaration of Intent for at least one year immediately prior to high school graduation.
  • The student may be enrolled in Running Start during the 2017-2018 school year, but must have homeschooled and filed a Declaration of Intent for the year prior to beginning Running Start.
  • The student and parent have completed all portions of the registration form, and have paid the required fees.


 What is the cost for graduation registration?

Basic Fee WHO Member Non-WHO Member
Postmarked by May 1st $75.00 $105.00

Graduation Supply Ordering

Where do I order cap and gown and other graduation accessories?
The cap and gown and other grad accessories are being handled by an outside agency.  All information concerning prices and ordering deadlines is available on their website just for WHO graduates. Prices for those items vary with certain packages being offered. Please make careful note of the order deadlines. The deadline for ordering is Monday, April 1, 2020 at 11:59 pm. You can still order after the deadline, but you won’t get a discountYou will receive a link to order after we receive your registration.

PLEASE NOTE THAT THE WHO GRADUATION REFUND POLICY APPLIES ONLY TO THE CEREMONY BASIC FEE.  Please Note:  In these uncertain times, we are extending our cancellation policy and if we need to cancel our event, everyone will receive a full refund for the ceremony only. The refund policy for the ordering of cap, gown, or other graduation accessories is determined by HomeschoolDiploma.

What color cap and gown do I order?

Gentlemen wear red and ladies wear white cap and gown.
The graduate is required to wear these items in order to participate.  

Deadlines are set by the vendor, so please make a note of the dates for placing an order listed on the vendor website.You will receive a link to their website once we receive your registration.

Ceremony Information

WHO intends to offer a memorable ceremony to honor the graduates and their families. Therefore, we ask that graduates not add to, or alter, their cap and gown in any way that would distract from the uniform appearance of all graduates (with the exception of honor cords). This can be a dynamic process, so we ask that graduates follow directions, and be courteous during the rehearsal and ceremony.

What is the schedule for graduation day?
Rehearsal at Sumner PAC
Promptly at 10:00 AM    Drop off Student Display (optional) before attending rehearsal.

After rehearsal—return by 1:00 pm

Group Picture
1:15 pm – 1:30 pm

Promptly at 2:00 pm

Optional Expenditures

Professional Photography
Darel Roa Photography  will be taking photos in front of the stage as graduates walk across, as well as cap and gown photos by appointment prior to the ceremony.  For further information, see his website at darelroaphotography.com.  He also is available for senior pictures. Photographic services are NOT included in the price of graduation.  These are optional services that each family can take advantage of as they wish. More information regarding photos can be found here.

Graduation Announcements & Accessories
Announcements may be purchased alone or in a package that includes cap, gown, tassel, and name cards through an outside vendor.  You will receive a link once we have received your registration.

 Confirmation and refund policy
You will be sent confirmation of your registration, via e-mail, unless otherwise noted, after your registration has been received.