Homeschool ID

Email of the Day:
So were running into places that can give us a discount if we show a “Student ID Card.” Should I just whip one up? And if so, can I use some WA St. logos? What can you tell me about acquiring, or creating, some sort of Homeschool Student ID Card.

That’s what we did. It turned into a whole-family project. We already had a name for our homeschool (we started in NC, where you have to officially name your homeschool), so we designed a logo, and a motto. We each picked our titles (student, faculty, administrator, advisor, mentor, etc.), took turns taking pictures of each other against a back drop (a blank wall, in our case), picked the bad codes of our favourite books to put on the back, and then took them to Kinkos to laminate them with luggage tag laminate-stuff.

There are also some printing services online that will print “Homeschool ID Cards” for homeschooling families, if you’re not into turning the whole thing into a unit study/project.

Some folks use a copy of their Declaration of Intent for these purposes, and take the opportunity to educate the broader populace about homeschooling, but we found it was less hassle just to have cards. (On one occasion, when she didn’t have it with her, my daughter asked for the student discount at Cost Plus World Market. She was 10. The check out lady asked for her student ID. I pointed out, “She’s 10. There isn’t anything else she’s legally allowed to be in WA other than a student,” but the gal wouldn’t budge. Alas.)

Warmly, ~Jen GS, Advocacy