Homeschooling Highschool with College classes

We are thinking of pulling our daughter out of private school after this hear, her junior year, so that she can do college in the high school classes online from ABC University (her intended college) for her senior year of high school. Is it true that the only thing we have to do is the intent to homeschool form, and then keep a transcript for her that would combine her private school grades from freshman through junior with her college classes taken her senior year? And there are no other requirements on specific classes she has to take to finish high school as a homeschool student in Washington? That seems to be what I am reading in the law and your website.

The short answers are, respectively: yes and no.

My daughter’s transcript from us has two years of work at home (14-16), and then she has two years full time college for the remainder. Homeschoolers in WA need only cover the 11 subjects over the course of their homeschooling — the particulars, by law, are left to the parent’s decision.

–Jen Garrison Stuber, WHO Board Advocacy Chair