Video & Audio Teaching Tools

Intro to Homeschooling

Feeling overwhelmed about homeschooling?  Let Amy Beckstead Leonard, the WHO Board Chair help calm your fears as she walks you through the steps of homeschooling and how to get started.

Reflections on the Journey – by the WHO Board

Looking for some encouragement on your homeschooling journey?  Take a look at this video by the WHO Board .It is sure to help you along your homeschooling path.



Homeschooling High School

Join Linda Love Gorordo of Love HS to College as she shares her expertise on How to Homeschool High School

Mystery of College in High School Linda Love Gorordo of Love HS to College

How to earn college credit in High School

How to Become a Published Writer by Sherry Stacy

Homeschooling on a Shoestring by Tambra Birkebak – Audio only