Homeschooling’s Dirty Little Secret

Here’s Homeschooling’s Dirty Little Secret:

We are *all* completely terrified that we’re going to mess up our children. We are all totally scared that in choosing this homeschooling thing, they’re going to miss out on something that they would have got in public school, that they’ll have some gap that they won’t be able to fill in their educations. That they’ll end up homeless, jobless, loveless, or whatever lacking monster lurks in the dark corners of our minds.

We’re all scared.

Anyone who tells you differently is one of two things:

1) A Bold faced liar. (That’s most of us, myself included. It’s all bravado).
2) Second Generation (because they already know homeschooling works).

31 years of results are in for homeschooling in WA: our kids are doing GREAT. They’re going to college, they’re getting work, they fit in just fine, they’re successful, happy, healthy people with lives and loves and laughs.

We’re all scared. It’s when you stop being worried that you should take a second glance and make sure that you’re still on the right path. (You probably are — you’re probably just finally comfortable).