Intro to Homeschooling Part 1: Compulsory Attendance

Part 1: Compulsory Attendance

There are basically 5 things you need to know to begin homeschooling in WA, and they’re on our Homeschool Law Resource page.

They are:
  1. Qualify
  2. Declare
  3. Cover the 11 Subjects
  4. Test or Assess Annually
  5. Keep Certain Records

Compulsory attendance in WA in from 8-18. If you enroll a 6 or 7-year-old in school, they, too become subject to the compulsory attendance law until what point you formally withdraw them. It is a VERY common misconception on the part of school officials that 5, 6, and 7-year-olds who have been in school are then obligated to submit a Declaration of Intent. They are NOT. They revert to being educationally free. There are NO circumstances under which a 7-year-old should be included on a Declaration of Intent.

(If you’ve got several children, and your 7-year-old is turning 8 shortly after the 15th of September, sure, go ahead and add him/her to your Declaration of Intent so you don’t have to remember to file a second one later).

If you have an older than 18 years who are participating in something via the schools (classes, sports, Running Start), you’ll want to include them on the Declaration of Intent.

In Sum: no one under the age of 7, and only a very few over 18 should ever end up on the Declaration of Intent.

(The Declaration of Intent discussion is coming up shortly — there is a lot of overlap). 🙂


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