K-12 and a PPP?

Email of the Day:
Can my kids participate in K-12 or another online virtual academy and also use a PPP locally?

The problem with enrolling in K-12 and trying to also enroll in a local PPP is a problem of FTE (full time equivalency, a unit of measure used in schools). In general, you cannot exceed 1.0FTE (there are a few special cases where you can go as much as 1.2FTE, but they are VERY limited and VERY specific).

This is why it’s important to understand that public school at home programs are not homeschooling in WA.

The rules for homeschoolers participating in public schools are different from the rules for public school students enrolled in online virtual academies who want to do something else locally in addition to their online public school program.

If you bought K-12 privately, as a homeschooler (this is an option — you don’t have to enroll in public school to access K-12, it’s just very expensive), then you could participate in your local PPP as a homeschooler, accessing the PPP on a part time basis). I know of no one who has purchased K-12 privately in WA since they started selling to the public schools (though this admittedly may be ignorance on my part).

~Jen GS