I have measured out my life in coffee spoons

Well . . . it finally happened. I answered one of those “what year did you graduate? fill in posts” and got back, from a homeschool mom, “That’s the year I was born!” 🙂 Well . . . . it had to happen some time.

I used to measure out my life in college football players.
When I graduated, I was like, “Oh — I’m old enough to date college football players.”
Then I graduated from college (where we didn’t have football, and I don’t even watch football), “I’m now older than college football players.”
The next year, in graduate school, I was teaching college football players.
A few years later, I realized I was old enough to be the teen mom of the college football players.
Now I’m the (adult) mom of a girl who is about to be older than most college football players (21).

College football players have been “cute” like teddy bears and my daughter’s friends for many years now.

I think the “could be the mom of other homeschool moms” hit me a few years ago when I was out at a comedy club and ran into a co-worker, who was celebrating his 24th birthday. I was musing to myself about where we were when we were 24, and how Alaetheia was a newborn, when my spousal unit leaned over and said, “You know, they’re closer in age to the kid (she was 15) than us . . .”
I started counting on my fingers @#$% it. He was right.

Alas. There is nothing you can do about your height or the march of time. You can be more generous, more kind, more compassionate, more gentle, more tactful, etc. — but not younger or older or taller.


Be well and do good, Washington. 🙂