Running Start

Email of the Day:
I would like information about the running start program.
Do you have any information about this program for the home schooled students?
Please advice.
Thank you,

It’s pretty much exactly the same for homeschooled students as it is for public schooled students, except you have total freedom to pick your coursework.

My advice is to first go take the placement tests at the college, because you need to test in to college level English and math.
Then go to the highschool and enroll. (In a grossly oversimplified explanation, the state pays the school and the school pays the college).
Submit your DofI as usual on 15 September (this keeps you from having to take classes at the HS and seek a diploma).
Get the Running Start Eligibility Verification form from the counselor at the HS.
Go enroll in courses at the college.

Rinse and repeat the last two items for the next 5 quarters, if you start as a junior, or the next 2 if you start as a senior. RS covers 15 credits per quarter for up to 6 consecutive quarters, not including summers. Most people attend F-W-S, F-W-S starting at age 16.

~Jen Garrison Stuber, WHO Board Advocacy Chair