Some Homeschool Math

In WA, we have a requirement of 1,000 hours for homeschooling. (In a school, this is generally 180 5.5 hour days, more or less). This includes everything that happens in school — lunch, recess, lining up, Johnny can’t find his pencil, Susy’s acting up, every fieldtrip, field day, every substitute teacher blow off, every time the teacher surrendered and put in a video — all of it.

There are 5,840 waking hours in a year.
In WA, we submit an annual Declaration of Intent on the 15th of September.

There are 5,840 hours between 15 September this year and 14 September next year.

This means you could literally start on July 12, go 16 hours a day, and STILL finish before 14 September. Take the break. It’s way too early to be homeschooling — these are the weeks that amusement parks are still open and everyone else is in school. Go enjoy that and start again later in the month (or in October).


(Alternatively, some of you Type-A personalities could be done as early as Nov 17th).

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