Store Discounts

Email of the Day:
Can I get an educator discount at stores?


The answer is, “Generally, yes.”

It varies from store-to-store, but most will offer their educator discount to homeschoolers. It’s usually helpful to proffer some proof that you are a homeschooler. Many people use a copy of the Declaration of Intent, some folks use their WHO membership card, and others make faculty, staff, and student ID cards for their homeschool.

The other thing is this: when you ask, ask assuming that the answer is yes. Don’t go in and tell the person 101 reasons why they should tell you “no.” Go in with the assumption that what you’re asking is perfectly reasonable, and that the person in front of you is going to say, “Of course.”

Don’t do this: “So . . . I see you have an educator discount, and I’m not really a *teacher*, but I homeschool my kids . . . but it’s not a *real* school . . . so I know you probably can’t, but I’d like to get the discount . . .”

Do this: “I’m a homeschool parent, and would like to take advantage of your educator discount. I have my (DofI / WHO membership card/ school ID) — do you need anything additional?”