Testing is a Tool, not a Bar

Email of the Day:
How would you know you are on track for testing each year?

Answer (the back-and-forth has been edited out for brevity):

You order the test (or assessment) sometime between 15 September and the following 14 September.
Then you do it.
Then you’re on track.

I think maybe you’re asking something else.

The test is a tool, not a bar.
You do the test or assessment, and, if your kid has a deficit relative to h** age or stage of development, you make a good faith effort to remedy the deficit. That’s what the law says the test or assessment is there for.

The annual test/assessment isn’t a milestone you have to reach. It’s a tool — it just gives you an external metric.

I (literally) have test scores in my file that I never opened (my kidlet is 20 and a college senior). I was with her 24/7/365 — I knew exactly how she was doing — I didn’t need a test designed for public school students when I was a kid to tell me how she was doing.

~Jen GS