Some Thoughts on testing/assessment

Some thoughts on testing/assessment:
You need to test or assess once a year. The results are kept as part of your required record keeping.
Most tests are normed to be given in the spring of the year of the name of the test. (So a 3rd grade test would be given April-June at the end of 3rd grade). Don’t feel constrained by this. You’re welcome to give it at any point between September 15 and the following September 14.
Part of this equation is: WHY are you testing/assessing?
Are you doing it simply to satisfy the requirements of the law?
Is it to give your kidlet an opportunity to fill in the dot and make her mark heavy and dark?
Is it gain information about how well you’re keeping up with the Joneses/public schools?
Does your kidlet have test anxiety? (you might want to do an assessment).
Does your kidlet have special needs?
These are all fine motivations, but the answers will guide you in your choice or test or assessment, time of year, etc.
~ Jen GS, Advocacy