Toddler Tourists

Email of the Day:
From one homeschool leader to another — what do you do about Toddler Tourism? (That is — what do you do with the people who join your homeschool group for the sole purpose of having things to do with their pre-schooler, who have every intention of sending their 5-8yo off to public school, leaving your kids with a friend deficit?)

This is the perennial question, isn’t it?
Honestly? I set out to convert them to homeschooling.
But I understand the frustration of putting time and effort into a friendship only to lose it to school.
There’s no good way to police this, unless your homeschool group requires the kidlets to be >8yo — but then what are *you* going to do with your wee ones?
I say proselytize ’em — you’ve got 2-5 years — from 3-5 or 8 to convince them that they ought to continue homeschooling.
You won’t win them all, but I bet you’ll win a few.
~Jen GS